Dynamics of the Dense and Dark

Deal with the dark, transform troubles, and break binds.



Unravel the Mysteries.  Welcome Miracles.

Attachments, cords, curses, and entities. Terms you may have heard. What is what? Sometimes they are felt or even smelt, they can be loud and in our face, and other times, completely unseen. There are forces and energies, not to be feared, but to be recognized as there are threads that can tie us down.

How do you know? You may have felt ...

  • like there is something holding you back or lurking in the shadows of your life.
  • people often treat you in a way that is all too familiar, yet you don't like it and aren't sure what to do.
  • an unexplained heaviness, persistent negativity, or a sense of being held back.
  • sick, not well, or not like yourself.
  • a presence or even something is in the room and causing a stir.
  • emotions that¬†don't even feel like they are own.


It's Time to Break the Bind.


In this transformative class, we'll embark on a journey into the depths of the unseen, the profound, and the enigmatic. Together, we will explore the intricacies of the dense and dark energies that can sometimes entwine themselves with our lives.

Our journey will lead us to the tools and techniques to break free from these binds, allowing us to reclaim our sovereignty and align with our true selves.


It's Time to Align

Life is a tapestry of light and shadow, and often, it's the unseen darkness that calls for our attention. In this class, we'll delve into the realms of the unknown, learning how to face, acknowledge, and deal with the shadow aspects of existence.

Just as a skilled alchemist turns base metals into gold, we will uncover the alchemical processes to transform troubles into opportunities for growth and healing. Through knowledge and practice, we'll discover the hidden gems that lie within the discord (we may not know) we face.

We will tap into ancient wisdom, modern insights, and personal experiences to shed light on the shadows. It's a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and illumination, where you'll gain the knowledge and skills to navigate the dense and dark with grace and wisdom.




My promise to you is to show up as vulnerable as humanly possible to share practical and simple tools to help, and plant seeds with you! I aim to serve in a way that is balanced and provides community support to encourage your soul's truth. AND we will have fun! 

I will be here to cheer on your dreams and breakthroughs. 

Are you ready to embark on this profound exploration?

Let's dive into the "Dynamics of the Dense and Dark" and uncover the transformative power that lies within. 






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To get the most out of this journey, you will be given a guided visual to practice.

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You will receive summary slides and also have an opportunity to inquire.


The Details

Instant Access 


This is your invitation to join a like-minded journey of seasoned practitioners, as we embrace the shadow, navigate the depths, and transmute to wisdom and love. This intensive is two hours, and there is an area for inquiry, sharing, and an option to add one-on-one work if needed.

We will ..

  • Learn about light and dark
  • Explore the various ways dense energies show up
  • Learn the most common overlooked aspects
  • Release and convert energy
  • Ways to address interference
  • Self-heal and access transformation for all¬†
  • Balance your environment
  • Transmute¬†addictive patterns

Bring your inquiries, love, and optimism. Everyone will leave in a higher vibration!





Gina Nicole


I am a Feng Shui Practioner, Subtle Energy Medicine Practioner, and love entrepreneurship! I am obsessed with the cycles of the moon, and have long been a wild moon child. Although many people think I am super extroverted, INFJ here!! A few of my favorite things are nut thins, seeing you blast off, and Puerto Vallarta! (I LOVE Puerto Vallarta so much I birthed a retreat there)! 

Born and raised in California, I currently reside in the mid-west in St. Louis, MO, with my husband, two foster kiddos, and two doodles who all keep my heart on track!

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Dynamics of the Dense and Dark


Top features

  • Learn about light and dark energy
  • Learn¬†tools and techniques to remove the dense energy in your field
  • Misconceptions of the dark
  • How do identify the density around you
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Practicum group¬†work¬†