Join me on the New Moon Lunar Year 2024 


Kick off the Lunar New Year by assessing your goals and aligning with our natural rhythms.

May your heart go with the glow & flow of the lunar cycle.

If you are empathic, you may be sensitive to the natural flow of the Lunar New Year!

If you ...

  • have big intentions you want to actualize
  • feel out of alignment
  • are ready for the new 
  • seek and are open to ways to shift perspective to bring in the new in 2022
  • feel like life is always working against you 
  • are ready to ditch the story that you aren't creative
  • REALLY want to step fully into your own creatorship
  • wanting to ground your intentions for the new year

... then I am thankful you are here!


Whether you are a heart-centered entrepreneur or a worrywart who wants to align your intention, I invite you to kickstart your lunar new year with me on New Year's Eve of the Lunar New Year! Having an understanding of how the moon affects your every day, will help you take your life to the next level. 


Connecting with the energy of the moon will help you to create clear next steps, and kickstart 2022 with a fresh and aligned new outlook.

I am dedicated to creating a safe space for you to dream big, address your fears, and set intentions, as you think about the next lunar year to come.


  • Being so confident in knowing how the moon affects your everyday regiments like what to eat and how to exercise
  • Having a clear idea of when to schedule business meetings, launches, or even personal appointments in a way that maximizes ease and success
  • Understand what you can do to see greater results with the everyday efforts that you put in
  • Have insight into how each cycle of the moon can best support you and your business endeavors 
  • Having an easy to follow blueprint that will help you to stay energetically aligned all year

You would be more centered and grounded for a fresh start into a successful and easeful New year to come.

On 2.9.2023, at 11 AM PST, we will gather for ...

Moon Cycle Restart

A 90 minute intensive to help you navigate your year with ease. This intensive will give you the tools you need to understand when to plan what so that you are able to ditch the nonsense and step into your light in a bigger way. 


There is much information you can find in books, on websites, and even from astrologers about how to align and work with the moon. I am going to give you the rundown of all you need to know to keep simple. 


High vibe spaces bring with them a high vibe community. This container is no exception! To ensure that it is a safe and intimate space to grow, this workshop is limited. There will be opportunities to share if you choose.

Goal Setting

After learning about the vital points in working with the moon, you will be given space to tune into your inner creator, and set goals that are aligned with your truth and the energy of the year. 

Join Me 2.9.22:  11 AM PST


Enroll below!


* All will be recorded if you can't be live. 




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Hey there!

I am Gina Nicole 

I am a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive who is passionate about helping you shift out of fear and move into action so that you can live to be the creator you came to earth to be.

Knowing the moon cycles was a huge part of what helped me to do that! 

I have been working the cycles of the moon for more than 20 years. 

I was always so fascinated by the moon, and dedicated to my moon rituals. 

My journey deepened when I began my very first certified training in the spiritual world. I studied Feng Shui under Professor Edgar Sung in San Francisco. 

It was there where I realized just how BIG of an impact it had. Even bigger than I had realized prior.  

I know he had a lot to do with my love, care, and connection to the moon. 

If you are ready to create with Divine energy and set intentions for the new lunar year ahead, I hope you join me!

This Moon Cycle Restart is an interactive workshop that will guide you to create alignment with the natural rhythm of the earth so that you kickstart your year with a spark of action.

Moon Cycle Restart is for you if you  ...

  • Are ready to learn how to expand in a natural rhythmic way 
  • Would like to learn more about when and how to intention with the moon cycles
  • Feel a connection and calling to the moon
  • Are ready to set actionable goals aligned with the natural cycle
  • REALLY want to uplevel this next year in a way that is connected with your creatorship

Don’t let more time go by before you .... 

Since the beginning of time, humans have been following moon cycles, watching how it changes and noticing how it affects us. 

There are undeniable connections with the moon and our emotions, sleep, energy levels, dreams, menstruation cycles.

Just look to the Farmers Almanac was created to help farmers maximize their crop according to the natural cycle, and just look at how the ocean is affected by the moon.

With more than 50% of our bodies made up of water, there is no way humans are not affected by the cycles of the moon. 

The material we will cover will move you beyond any tool that you might find in a book or online, because it will connect your own creative cycle, with the moons!

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