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Business Development · Website Building · Copy writing

Building a business can either be a complete energy giver or an energy drain. I don’t see building a business as “hard;” however, it requires time, commitment, consistency, expression, and FUN!
And plain and simple, working on it solo can be a boring drag if it's not your thing! 
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Don't let the confusing dynamics of business building stop you from sharing your passion.

You know what your gift is, you know what you want to share, and yet, you might be in total overwhelm of where to begin.

You may be questioning ... 

  • Where to even begin

  • How to share your message

  • What systems to use

  • What to invest in and what to skip

  • What do you really need or not

I invite you to avoid the mistakes I made, stay in your zone of genius, and lean into my 10+ of experience with website building and copywriting.

If you are seeking help and support to build a process that works for you, and want to create a reflective website to share with the world, I can help.

You know things need to change when ...

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You might have an idea, a gift, something really important you "know" you have to share ... but ... it's just not flowing and you aren't sure why.

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You might have started to look at what mailer services to use, what website platform to build on, or what technology is even needed.

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A big sign of resistance can be fatigue and business building fatigue is real. I had many brain farts when I was beginning and I can help you clear your air!


Imagine how it would feel to...

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Have a brain to pick in your process, an ear to listen to, and a shoulder to cry on ( ... though wait ... I'll prevent some of those tears)!

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Gain total clarity on your message and communicate it in a way where people respond with a "thank you!"

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To have a simple website link that you could send people to, that gave an easeful rundown of who you are and how you can help.

My promise is to bring you this and more.

I have been through it; learned from the best, self-taught through the rest, and I not only have a strong portfolio, I also have oodles of vetted referrals for expert services where you can choose to go bigger if you are ready. Think photographers, designers, virtual assistants .. my list is a long one!

Some of my work ...

Gina helped bring to life a lovely birthing that came to me in deep work in India. ... She made me realize my own true worth and potential, and helped me to craft my brand and message. She did it in such a way of service, and Divine love and light."

— Susan Rae
Santa Barbara, CA -

Ready to get started? 


Together we can explore:

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The energetic makeup of your brand (including color and font choices)

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Your customer journey and the value you bring

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What you are offering and how you are packaging your services


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Copywriting that delivers and connects

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A starter website to communicate your vision

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A business action plan

The possibilities are endless, and when done on your own, can be tiring!

But trust I have gone before you, taken the classes you are debating taking, self taught what hasn't been in there, and I can promise you, you will be in good hands!



One Payment

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Hey there, I'm Gina.

I support spiritual seeking emerging entrepreneurs to build heart-centered businesses.

It is my passion to guide highly sensitive and empathetic people to activate their abilities and passion. I love seeing others channel their gifts into business endeavors.

Whether it is brainstorming branding, building a starter website, gaining clarity on your service, or support with copywriting, I am happy you landed here!