Numerology For Intuitives

Learn the skills & tools to apply Numerology to your life,

in an easy, effective, and fun way!



If you are an intuitive person looking to have a deeper understanding of the messaging of numbers or someone who wishes to learn more about who you are, why you came, and potential challenges, this is for you. 

We are going to give you all the tools you need to create your numerology birth chart and answer every question you have.

After crafting your chart, you will dive into what numerology can teach you about your physical and mental self, as well as your relationship with Spirit.

We will hold the space for you to set intentions, all while having a strong understanding of the number system.

You keep seeing repeat numbers  

but wonder what they may mean. If you ...

  • Are fed up not knowing what to do next
  • Keep seeking direction in your life
  • Are looking to learn a powerful strong self-help tool
  • Are a spiritual practitioner and would like to learn numerology to help others
  • Feel a slight discord in your life and can't seem to correct it
  • Are ready to make breakthroughs and set actionable goals
  • REALLY want to step fully into your own light

... then we are glad you are here!


What if you could.... 

  • Understand what those repeating numbers on the clock and wandering license plates mean
  • Have a clear idea of the direction in which your life will likely proceed
  • Have a better understanding of the challenges that may be up for you in this lifetime
  • Understand what you can do to avoid or at least soften those challenges to begin with
  • Have insight into the work you might have to complete in order to keep your life progressing according to plan
  • Identify your inherent strengths and potential challenges through your birth chart numerology

You would be more centered, more focused, have clarity, and be able to trust the process of life easier. 


Numerology for Intuitives

A three part intensive to help you navigate your numerology via your birth chart.  This intensive will give you the tools you need to understand your purpose, challenges, and step into your light in a bigger way. 


Aside from the many forms of Numerology methods, there are also countless books, opinions, and even magazine articles, that can make the system confusing. We are going to give you the tools you need to put your chart together in a step-by-step way, that is easy to understand.


High vibe spaces bring with them a high vibe community. This container is no exception! In this intensive, you will meet like-minded Numerology Intuitives, and have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner if you wish!


Numerology for Intuitives will not only teach you how to create your chart and understand your path, you will receive training from TWO different teachers and backgrounds.You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have all your numerology inquiries clarified. 

What you’ll learn

This intensive is broken down into two core training modules over two days with a
bonus Q&A directly after the second module.
All course materials are housed in a private members-only site.

Module 1:

The Energy & Intuitive Language of Numbers

In the first session, we will have an introduction to numerology, an intention setting, and will dive into the fundamentals.

  • Learn the foundational significance behind each number
  • Deep dive into multiple numbers and what they hold
  • Learn the metaphysical and supernatural meaning of individual numbers
  • Tune into the numerology of your home
  • Align your address number with your goals
  • Learn how to make the numerology of your home what you want it to be 

In this module, Jo will share a more structural aspect of Pythagorean numerology.

  • Learn the basis of “birthdate” numerology
  • Learn how to create your personal birth chart (with a focus on the numbers that are present and how they interact)
  • Get to know the Three Planes of Numerology (that represent the body, mind, and Spirit)
  • Learn how to activate the energies of the Three Planes of Numerology
  • End with a guided meditation that will give you a richer appreciation of what each number can contribute to your life’s journey. 

Module 2:

The Structure of Personal Numerology  

Deep Dive Q& A

In this bonus Q&A session, you will be able to have all your questions answered with Gina and Jo.

  • Learn two valuable numerological perspectives in the same session as we take a look at birth chart case studies
  • Ask about your personal experiences with numbers
  • Ask questions about your personal birth chart and receive valuable feedback.





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Hey there!

We are Gina Nicole &
JoAnne Brown! 

You can call us Gina and Jo!

Together we have over 21 years in subtle energy medicine and spiritual service.

We connected in the Apprenticeship program of Professional clairvoyant and best-selling author Cyndi Dale.

We come from the same thread and have worked with mutual clients to help guide them to their best selves. 

After realizing the significance of numerology in both of our practices, we decided to join forces and create the beautiful offer that sits before you.

If you want to read more about us individually, check out Gina here and Jo here!

If you are ready to step fully into your light, understand your purpose and life challenges, or maybe help clients in a deeper way, we are fully committed to helping you with numerology.

Numerology for Intuitives is an interactive workshop that will guide you to create your numerology birth chart, understand your challenges, connect deeper to your purpose, and as a result, change your life!

Numerology For Intuitives is a  perfect for you if you....

  • Are fed up not knowing what to do next
  • Are looking to learn a powerful strong self-help tool
  • Are a spiritual practitioner and would like to learn numerology to help others
  • Feel a slight discord in your life and can't seem to correct it
  • Are ready to make breakthroughs and set actionable goals
  • REALLY want to step fully into your own light

"I am beyond excited to see the convergence of Gina and Jo’s work.

I have worked extensively with each of them and affirm they share an incomparable commitment to clarity, integrity, and SOLUTION with unique perspectives.

I am inspired to mention that my sessions and training have been full of joy, enthusiasm, and loving support. Their commitment to teaching the skills that accompany intuitive development is nothing short of masterful."



"Gina and Jo bring such a heart-centered approach when working with them.

They create a safe space to work through the ebbs and flows of life.

They each bring different perspectives to the work. However, these perspectives meld together to create a harmonious and love-filled approach.

They make the work fun and approachable. Combining their talents and gifts is like creating a dream team to take you to the next level!"


"Gina is bringing an engaging and soul-searching energy to the subject, with such a creative way to look at the importance of numbers in our lives, while adding in angel numbers, colors and so much more!

Being very familiar with Jo’s work, I know she shares a structured numerological approach showing how our date of birth reveals so much about us, including aspects of our mind, body, and spiritual development.
What I have already learned from Jo has forever shifted the way I look at numbers.

This course is well organized, easy to understand, and contains material that I will continually refer back to and draw from in my healing practice.
I highly recommend this course for both beginners and advanced students!


Don’t keep missing the messages of the numbers. They have information for you.  


To put it simply, numerology is a study of numbers in your life. You can uncover information about the world, an individual, a home, a name, by using Numerology.

The system is seen as a universal language of numbers.

Studies show that when we speak more than one language, we have a more efficient and better-developed executive control system in the brain.

If you don't have a second language, here it is!

The material we will cover will move you beyond any tool that you might find in a book or online.

Your chart will be clarified, and you will leave with a better understanding of how to break through blocks and live true to you.

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