Money Monologuing

There is no workaround for money avoidance. We all have to prepare ourselves financially. Money IS spiritual, and we must look at all aspects of it.

Amber has a gift of intimate presence, and while she can never plan what she will say or do, what happens in her moment-to-moment coaching is profound.

Flowing with Amber while she is in her zone of genius is a gift. We will assess the continuous series of money stories we tell ourselves, which monopolize our inner conversation.

What you'll get:

  • Balancing and clearing for your root chakra
  • An opportunity to be coached by Amber
  • A chance to look at how money discord is showing up in your life

Money Monoluging with Amber will be a virtual live coaching sessio Saturday, March 4, at 11 AM CST (9 AM PST/12 PM EST). After you sign up, all details will be emailed to you.