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Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to
Feng Shui Your Life,

without having to know
which direction
your door faces. 

If you’re an empath looking to Feng Shui your space in order to have better health, attract supportive relationships, and success, then you probably already know that you need to begin decluttering. Then what?

I am going to give you all the tools you need to create an actionable play by play plan to Feng Shui your space.

You will clear the clutter, set intentions, and create a space you love!

You know that having an energetically aligned home/office matters. You can feel the difference. You want the shift! Let's do it!

You feel the call to have a clear space.  

But you have no clue where to begin. If you ...

  • Are fed up with the clutter in your life
  • Notice things keep breaking, getting lost, and lights are going out
  • Know the energy in your home or office feels off
  • Feel a slight discord in your life and can't seem to correct it
  • Are ready to make breakthroughs and set actionable goals
  • Want to begin understanding how the energy of your home affects your life

... then I am glad you are here!


What if you could.... 

  • Know how to Feng Shui your home quickly
  • Learn how to arrange your home so that it is balanced and harmonious
  • Learn Feng Shui prosperity secrets so that you can make more money
  • Shift your reality just by placing intentional items in your home
  • Know exactly what to address in the home when a relationship or health issue may arise
  • Know what to do to stop your home from draining money


Play By Play Feng Shui

A 10 part play by play guide to help you navigate the Feng Shui in your home or office. This intensive will give you the tools you need to create an actionable play by play plan to Feng Shui your space. Clear the clutter, set intentions, and create a space you love.


Aside from the many Feng Shui schools, there are also countless books, opinions, and even magazine articles, that can make the art confusing to apply to your space. PBP Feng Shui is designed to bring you an easy and clear step by step option.


High vibe spaces bring with them a high vibe community. This container is no exception! In this intensive, you will meet encouraging Feng Shui mates, and have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner if you wish!


Play by Play Feng Shui is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to Feng Shui your space (like a professional consultant) using your personal element, but also gives you community, access, and accountability so that you are never alone in the process.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside of Play by Play Feng Shui

PBP Feng Shui is broken down into X core training modules. All course materials are housed in a private members only site.

Module: The Fundamentals

After the introduction and intention setting, dive into the fundamentals.

  • Learn the three secret reinforcements that will take your Feng Shui tp the next level
  • Learn about chi, yin-yang, and how energy moves through your space
  • Assess your space with your yin-yang checklist 
  • Explore sha chi and learn what energy to be mindful of in your spaces
  • Prepare to D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R. with a complete checklist and a process to assist you
  • Do a guided mind dump before you begin


(a $150 value)

The PBP Play Book has all of the basics for complete BTB Feng Shui.

  • Learn about the five elements, and learn what your element is so you can Feng Shui accordingly
  • Receive the BTB Feng Shui Bagua Map with a five element Bagua Map "cheat sheet"
  • Learn how to place the Bagua Map over your floorplan
  • Assess the "first sight rule"
  • Set your front door up to be an entrance for opportunity and success 
  • Learn about and address the "heart of the home"


(a $175 value)

Module: The
Play Book

Module: The Bagua Sectors

The Bagua Map section may be one that you visit time and again.

  • Receive check points and hints for each of the nine sections for your home that correlate to career, relationships, health & family, prosperity, fortune, travel & helpful people, children & creativity, cultivation, and reputation
  • Use the workbook to help you understand how your element works with each area
  • Feel into each area, learn about your "snags," and make changes and shifts accordingly 


(a $300 value)

The finishing touches will help you to seal your intention and activate the details.

  • Recieve a breakdown, tips, and hints, for each room 
  • Be inspired by remedies broken down by elements
  • Learn over 25 remedies in high demand for situations such as greater wealth, manifestation, wisdom, work support, harmony, love, and more

PLUS you will receive access to a virtual community and discussion board, frequently asked questions, several bonuses, and opportunities  to have your questions personally answered.


(a $150 value)

Module: The Finishing Touches

Join Play by Play Feng Shui Today

and get...


($2500 value)

You’ll get access to all five core training modules and course materials, including streaming videos, worksheets, tutorials and templates, and the 90 Day PBP Progress Plan to kickstart your journey – everything you need to create your high vibe space that will support you to manifest the changes you are ready to see.


  • Start by working through the 30 Day PBP Progress Plan so that you can kickstart your journey and see big results in a short three months.
  • Join Feng Shui Fridays when you can so all of your questions are answered and connections can be furthered made.
  • Take advantage of the option to have an accountability partner so that you are never alone in the process, and held accountable for your plan.
  • Dive into the bonus section so you will be able to bring Feng Shui into every aspect of your life; work, exterior, color, and even on the move!

Plus, these incredible bonuses...

Bonus #1 Kitchen Sadhana

When applying Feng Shui, I see so many MIRACLES happen in the kitchen.โ  It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur trying to make it happen or a mom wanting a more organized environment. THE KITCHEN IS WHERE IT'S AT. โ  Sarah Angelides, is bringing us an amazing bonus that will help you take your home and life to another level. โ  This will help you to prep your kitchen and life, and give Feng Shui for your health a boost activation!โ  Kitchen Sadhana is a doorway for you to have a ritual in your kitchen that will help you ignite your creativity and vitality. โ 
(a $250 value)

Bonus #2 Play by Play at Work

Applying Feng Shui to your office or work spaces will help you create vibrant and optimal flow in your life for prosperity and wealth. No matter if your office is a home office, a corner office, a small cubicle, or a desk in your home, living a Feng Shui lifestyle will help the desires you have to when you know how to apply it.

(a $150 value)

Bonus #3 Removing Energetic Blocks

Feng Shui is only ONE of three pieces of the good life pie, and I want to make sure I help you access the other pieces!  Melissa Zoske, wealth & energy alignment business mentor, is going to help me to do just that! She is going to help you understand how your inherited beliefs, traumas, and emotions can impact your wealth, health, and happiness, how everything is connected, and so much more that will activate your subconscious at a new level.

(a $250 value)

Plus you will receive a FAQ guide, Play Outside, Color Play, Play by Play on the Move (for when you move), and priority in Feng Shui Fridays.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $2,000

But when you enroll today, you'll get access to everything for just:



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I'm Gina Nicole. 

15 years ago, I was going through a divorce, diagnosed with PCOS and autoimmune, and was digging deep into an old abuse story.

I worked in a high stress, high pay job, was the unhappiest I remember being, and my body and life reflected that.

Nothing was working; medicine,  doctor's visits, acupuncture, therapy.

Then I found BTB Feng Shui.

I had dabbled in Feng Shui books and programs since I was 18, but I had never studied seriously.

Once I implemented it, my healing began at another level.  I started studying with Professor Edgar Sung to learn how to help others have similar results.

Since then, I have manifested homes, jobs, and even my husband (whose mom I first met in a Feng Shui consult)! 

I continued my learning at the New York Institute of Art and Design, and stay devoted to the journey.

My practice is based on the foundation of The Cosmic Trinity (or mind, body & home, and Spirit connection).

If you aren't addressing the energy in your home, you are missing out on a HUGE piece of the good life pie.

Play by Play Feng Shui will guide you to clear your space, understand more about your element, move your stuff, and as a result, change your life!

PBP Feng Shui is perfect for you if you....

  • Are fed up with the clutter in your life
  • Notice things keep breaking, getting lost, and lights are going out
  • Know the energy in your home or office feels off
  • Feel a slight discord in your life and can't seem to correct it
  • Are ready to make breakthroughs and set actionable goals
  • Want to begin understanding how the energy of your home affects your life

I love going through the Play by Play Feng Shui with Gina. The shifts in energy I’ve obtained while moving though have been astounding. The course really puts the tools and the power to create change in my hands. The feeling of empowerment, when you can look back and say “I did that!”

I can see gong back through on occasion, tweaking and perfecting, to keep the energy momentum moving.Seeing my intentions, blossom into real life.. is the kicker! Infusing the physical with spiritual intentions. It’s brought miraculous things into my life. Love it! Thanks Gina!"


Intuitive, New Mexico

"After applying remedies & techniques to my studio the space felt amazing. I couldn’t wait to get to work & I feel that my business has improved massively.

I am so full of gratitude that I found Gina (Angel blessing).  I started watching Angel message Monday, I then purchased the Wisdom cards, but the real magic started in January 2019 with Raising your frequency. Starting the year off in that container changed mine & my family’s life. I absolutely felt like I was glowing with positivity afterward.
I turned into a sponge wanting to suck up every bit of information I could. I joined the frequency key Facebook group & listened to every Feng shui Friday message I could applying as many remedies as possible to our house & my studio. So when the course started, I thought I couldn’t miss out on this.
I am working through at my own pace as the course information is mine to keep & use as needed. I can honestly say that with every little remedy & secret reinforcement, my intuition, happiness & general mindset has improved.
When I joined Gina’s mentorship in October last year, I gave my jewellery making studio a complete overhaul. My space felt absolutely wonderful & I couldn’t wait to get making everyday. My business has definitely benefited & I’m enjoying combining my spiritual connections, intuition & creative energy together to produce new heartfelt jewellery. I’m enjoying going with the flow, living the best life possible at this moment & manifesting a future full of wonderful possibilities.

This is a fantastic course that allows you to work at your own pace, with added benefit of calls to connect & learn from others."


Jewelry Designer, UK

"When I signed up for PBP we had just moved into a new house and I really wanted to learn more about Feng Shui because I felt that the house needs lots of TLC due to having been a rental for many years. I felt that the energy of the house was confused and needed to be given a purpose again. Absolutely, wholeheartedly, I feel that this program has the capacity to address this, and already has! With just small changes the energy has shifted already. I know it is a work in progress, but I am so excited and happy with the shift in energy that has happened in such a small time frame!

This class is Inspiration and guidance to change the energy flow of the home and its people living in it. A way to learn at our own pace and as we feel is needed for us as individuals. A supportive group of like minded people and a huge amount of knowledge from you, Gina! Thank you! I feel that PBP came just at the right time for me!"


New Zealand

"Since I started implementing remedies- we’ve noticed huge shifts! We have gotten the financial freedom to allow me to stay at home with our girls and I truly believe this work has helped us manifest that! In addition it gave me the clarity to Leave a toxic work culture and I feel so happy! PBP is a self-paced mega course which helps you refine your space to bring in energy and light to your life!."


St. Louis, MO

Don’t let another year go by before you claim the space you want.


According to The Biology of Belief by American developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, the subconscious mind can process 20,000,000 bits of information per second.

In comparison, the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second.

That means the subconscious mind can process 500,000 times more what the conscious mind can process.

So if you think that clutter in your home that you look at every day isn't affecting you, think again.

Just because your mind may not be aware, doesn't mean that it isn't directing energy.

The material we will cover will move you beyond any tool that you might find in a book or online. Your goals will be clarified, and you will create a blueprint that will help you see your intentions come to life. 

What people asked before signing up for Play by Play Feng Shui ...

Are you ready to finally have a easy to apply Feng Shui Lifestyle?


  • 22 core modules complete with a fill in workbook
    ($775 value)
  • Community Discussion Forum ($55 value)
  • BONUS: Color Play ($150 value)
  • BONUS: Play by Play at Work ($150 value)
  • BONUS: Play Outside ($150 value)
  • BONUS: Play by Play on the Move ($150 value)
  • BONUS: An ever growing FAQ with the option to have ANY question not there, added ($150 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $2,000 +



1 Monthly Payments Of