Forgivness in 14 

Make space for the new in 2022 by kicking off your year with true forgiveness.


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Improved Mental Health & Less Stress

When our time and energy (conscious or not) is focused on what hasn't worked and olds from the past, we stress and worry. Create space for happy.

Stronger Immune System

Unforgiving events can take up space in our bodies; hearts, minds, and cells. The energy can flood our nervous systems. Create space for vitality.

Make Space for New Miracles in Life

When we hang on to resentment, anger, frustration, and the past, there is no room for new to come in.
Create space for new.

"Gina’s forgiveness journey is profound! This process has helped me in amazingly unexpected ways. So much space was cleared to make way to rewrite old stories. Re-conditioning those stories paved the way for me to begin to take back the power over myself that I had given to others.

I have used this process a few times and it has not disappointed. When the designated mantras start playing in my mind over and over, it’s my sign that it’s time to begin the Forgiveness Journey again."

- Donna

Forgiveness in 14

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