An Exclusive Invitation for a
Party of Three


10.19.23 -10.26.23
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


the benefit of getting away, giving yourself space in a beautiful setting, with someone who gets you, where your angel messages are clear.

You may be feeling burnout, stress, lack of clarity, stuck in the big T word (trauma), disconnect, and seeking inner balance. 

I have an invitation for you to join me for five nights of work, and two nights of added luxury, dedicated to supporting you to activate your innate abilities, listen deeply, and step into the most confident version of who you came to be.

It's time to move out of your past and into your future.

I am here to hold space for you in a supportive and lush environment, so you can heal, grow, connect, and step out of the past and into the alignment of your highest aspirations.

Welcome to the Soul Immersion Retreat: Your Passport to Clarity, Creation, and High Vibes! 

Escape the ordinary, recalibrate your soul, and unlock the power within at this exclusive VIP Intimate Spiritual Retreat. This extra-ordinary experience is designed for individuals who crave a transformative getaway, yearn to embrace their true desires, and are ready to manifest their wildest dreams.

Get ready to embark on a journey to address the very core of your being—the cosmic trinity of mind, body, spirit, and home!


Here is what is involved ...

Thursday October 19th travel to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Unwind, relax, and nourish!

Friday October 20th begins day one.

Day One: Energize, Cleanse, and Make Room for the New

Prepare to embark on a day of unparalleled energy cleansing as we rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We'll kick-start your retreat by delving deep into the womb of healing with our water therapy, guided by one of Mexico's most talented experts. Say goodbye to deep-rooted trauma and hello to a fresh canvas for your future!

Day Two: Unleash Your Quantum Design

Unlock the secrets of your fears, identify what's holding you back, and discover the most effective pathway to propel you forward. Dive headfirst into every intricate detail of your quantum design chart and witness the power it holds to shape your destiny. Get ready to embrace your true potential!

Day Three: Shift Your Mindset and Raise the Frequency

Start your morning off with a powerful mindset shift, setting the stage for an exciting new adventure. Then prep for a super fun journey to raise your frequency, where laughter and joy will become your trusted companions. Prepare to be amazed as you tap into realms of higher vibrations!

Day Four: Design Your Life with Feng Shui Magic

Immerse yourself in the art of Feng Shui and learn to harmonize every aspect of your life. From your home to your floor plan, gain the wisdom and tools needed to transform your space into a manifesting maven that propels you toward your goals. Walk away with a comprehensive checklist, ensuring your home becomes a sanctuary of abundance!

Day Five: Integration and the Signature Frequency! 

Conclude this incredible retreat with a day of integration, where subtle energy work awaits your eager embrace. Tap into the depths of your being and create an action plan to continue your journey towards aligning your home and your true self. Rediscover your signature frequency and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and direction!

Everyday: Rise and Shine with Empowered Daily Routines and Clean Eating

Each day will commence with an empowering daily routine, featuring invigorating movements that awaken your mind, body, and spirit. Prepare to feel fully alive and in tune with your cosmic essence!

🍽️ Nourish Your Soul with High Vibe Clean Eating! 🍽️

Indulge in delectable, high-vibe clean eating experiences throughout your retreat. Savor mouthwatering dishes prepared with love and crafted to elevate your energy levels. Your taste buds will dance with delight!

* Spend one additional rejuvenating day in paradise, Wednesday October 25th, and travel home in a higher frequency Thursday October 26th.

Is your soul ready to emerge? Let's do it!

Your room awaits you ...

This is a unique, individualized opportunity to disconnect from your daily routines and immerse in a supportive and rejuvenating environment.

You are ready for ....

1. Self-Reflection and Clarity: A chance to step back from the busyness of everyday life and gain perspective. And you crave a serene setting where you can reflect on your goals, values, and priorities, in a higher frequency way, leading you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose.

2. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: An escape from the stressors of work, responsibilities, and technology. By embracing a slower pace, you will engage in mindful activities, and enjoying moments of relaxation, so you can unwind, recharge, and restore your mental and physical well-being. Without a dialed in nervous system - everything else is difficult.

3. Personal Growth and Transformation: An opportunity to facilitate personal growth and self-development. Whether it's through meditation, human design, creative expression, or spiritual exploration, you will be offered tools and guidance to expand awareness and evolve on your journey of self-discovery.

4. Connection and Understanding: You will be in an environment of connection and shared experience. You will have the opportunity to be supported, held, and be in a setting where you can be uplifted and inspired.

5. Rejuvenation and Self-Care: Prioritize self-care and be prepared to indulge in activities that promote your well-being. From healthy meals to spa treatments, nature walks, or simply having uninterrupted time for your self, you will prioritize your own needs and rejuvenate your body, mind, spirit, and home (yup you can do that while you're away)!

Overall, you will have a valuable space for introspection, growth, relaxation, and connection. Take an intentional pause in life, and nourish yourself holistically so you can return to your daily life with renewed clarity, inspiration, a sense of purpose, and a pathway for the immersion of your soul.


The energy for this space is declared for those who are ready to get uncomfortable in a comfortable space and listen to sacred and divine messages coming to them. This is a true soul immersion, and designed only for a small group of three.


We will be gathering daily for embodiment work,  meditation, movement, intuition development, and high-frequency clean meal preparation. With all my retreats and events, I love a surprise. So while I am not disclosing all event information, know that you will be supported in practicing a leap of trust!


One of Gina's very favorite places on the planet where angel messages are clear, and the tacos are magical!  Tucked into the gorgeous Banderas Bay, Ocho Cascadas features amazing views and the perfect energetic makeup. Nestled in the breathtaking coastal paradise of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, our retreat destination is a sanctuary of serenity and natural beauty. Surrender to the charms of this idyllic location and let it infuse your journey with magic.

"Gina's retreats always include an element of surprise which evokes the joy of my inner child. I've been very stressed lately, and this retreat was just what I needed to rejuvenate. I left feeling peaceful, and inspired. My heart feels full of gratitude for the space to remember my true Self.. What a gift!"
"Gina -- you are profoundly gifted, incredibly talented, freakishly focused, and seriously among the most spirit driven/led and hardest working individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  And you're also tough as nails -- keeping everyone in line without making it look like you're keeping us all in line -- that was no easy task, but you did it with total Grace and Benevolence!  I really appreciate you allowing me to participate in the Retreat. I hope to be a part of many more Retreats to come! I was definitely a bit anxious and maybe slightly skeptical about the Retreat (never having attended one before), but within the first five or 10 minutes, it was obvious that the experience was going to be amazing and life shifting. And so it was! It was really a life-altering experience to be surrounded by so much pure love and spirit, and I know it is really going to be some time before I can fully recognize everything that came out of those few but power-packed days!  Thank-you again for the opportunity to participate!!!
"Absolutely a wonderful experience! My expectations were exceeded! This retreat challenged me, helped me heal and become more open. Gina is amazing at inspiring, including and nuturing. I am so grateful I attended this amazing retreat!"
"I really loved the whole experience! It was such a gift to be able to just be able to be in our thoughts and intuition for a full weekend and to be guided so beautifully by you. It was also such a huge treat to eat such wholesome food and to nurture our bodies the way that you provided for us! Everyone was lovely, and the energy was very cohesive. I felt like I could really relax and just BE which is really important on a weekend like that. Thank you for creating that space and atmosphere to reflect! I really enjoyed meeting new people as well:). I absolutely love the energy and space that you create for your retreat experience! I know that you put your heart and soul into these experiences - and it really shows! I could just feel it! I felt so much peace and calm and was able to give myself the gift of the time for a weekend of intuition and reflection. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences over the entire weekend, the amazing nurturing food you provided and the wonderful people I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with! Thank you, Gina!!!!"
"It blended together beautifully. Perfectly orchestrated. Guiding us to see truth and light."

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